Our hotel is located on seaside at the centre of Kemer, the holiday paradise district of Antalya. It is 45 km away from Antalya, and 55 km from the Airport. It is 400 m. away from the city centre, within walking distances. We are 500 m. away from the marina. Our hotel is 15 km. away from Phaselis Ancient City, and 35 km. from Olympus. It is only 10 km away to reach Mount Tahtalı’s summit having an altitude of 2365 m, by cable car.

You may experience the privilege of reaching the city, entertainment centres and malls within walking distance, and make daily schedules to visit historic beauties.

You are a walking distance away from world-famous night clubs.

Located a walking distance away from the most famous night clubs, our hotel opens the gates of limitless entertainment for you. An unforgettable holiday with special shows and special performances of world-famous DJs awaits you.


  • An area of 18-25 m2
  • View of mountain, sea or city
  • Possibility of maximum 2+1 accommodation (including baby)
  • Minibar
  • Safe
  • Split or centralized system air conditioner
  • Ground carpet or laminated flooring
  • Bathroom (with bathtub, hair dryer)
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Satellite TV
  • Telephone (direct call)
  • Non-smoking rooms


  • An area of 45-50 m2
  • View of mountain, sea or city
  • 2 separate bedrooms and one seating group
  • A bathroom for each room
  • Possibility of maximum 4+1 accommodation (including baby)
  • Minibar
  • Safe
  • Split or centralized system air conditioner
  • Ground carpet or laminated flooring
  • Bathroom (with bathtub, hairdryer)
  • Balcony (two pcs.)
  • Satellite TV
  • Telephone (direct call)
  • Non-smoking rooms


The pier special for our guests has 45 deckchair capacity, and provides sunbath opportunity on the sea with a special service.


The view of blue-flagged sea and marina in one of Antalya’s best coves.


.golden lotus hotel / KEMER
.golden lotus hotel / KEMER


Sea water contains 104 main elements and minerals such as blood plasma. Sea water penetrating through the pores of the skin enters the circulation system and balances the body functions. Therefore, having a swim is beneficial for the body; in fact, swimming in heated sea water increases these effects.
Sea water does not only cures physical illnesses. It can heal many psychological disorders. It cures mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, irritability, aggression with the effect of substances it contains such as magnesium, bromine, lithium. Because these substances balance the melatonin and serotonin levels in the brain. Thus, it gives happiness and peace.
It prevents bran formation in the hair.  It is quite effective in removal of acnes, and clearing of black spots. It leads to healthier and more beautiful skins as it forms a basis for skin peeling. Therefore, sea water is being used in aesthetics and beauty centres.
As a result of researches, sea water has been found to be the liquid closest to the contents available in human blood. It has a curing quality as it contains calcium carbonate, sulphate, potassium chloride and sulphate magnesium chloride, magnesium sulphate. Iodine (sea salt) that is available in the content of sea water improves immune system and increases the thyroid activity. Being a natural antiseptic, sea water significantly increases the body’s resistance against infections, and to eliminate bacteria and microbes.  Each time you enter the water, you feel the sea’s own great electromagnetic energy zone, and it enables you to recharge and rebalance your energy system. This quite clearly contributes into detox and regeneration period.


As the Golden Lotus Hotel family, by the understanding and responsibility deriving from being a well-rooted organization in tourism, our vision will be shaped by considering each and every one of our customers as guests; taking service provision as a principle by harmonizing the national and international values and completely fulfilling the requirements of being environmentally conscious; constantly carrying out improvement works to provide the continuity of the system;

Participation of the employees constitute the basis of the organization.  Putting emphasis on the training and constant development to have our personnel informed about the environment management for this reason;

Taking necessary precautions to minimize the negative environmental impact to provide an environmentally-conscious service by complying with the related applicable laws, regulations and legislations and the standards determined;

Decreasing the use of natural resources by minimizing the environmental impacts of the energy consumed during production and other activities through the achievements we have following the precautions taken in all cases and on all fields; consuming as much reusable, big size packaged and recyclable products as possible; preventing the contamination of the seas by our waste waters;

Acting cautiously and carefully in terms of possible environmental impacts of all our activities and purchasing processes by considering the environmental conditions and high efficiency while taking investment decisions;

Periodically reviewing the environment management system in ever-changing conditions, and by constantly trying to improve our environmental performance.

We undertake to share the environmental experiences obtained with our employees, suppliers, institutions and guests to constantly provide improvement for the processes.

General Manager


Sensitive airvisco 2$ (daily)
Visco pil 2$ (daily)
Blueberry(goose feather) 2$ (daily)


Antalya 45 km
Antalya Airport 55 km
City Centre 400 m
Marina 500 m
Phaselis Ancient City 15 km
Olympus 35 km