Golden Lotus Hotel is a complete centre of cure, focus and relief thanks our Spa room having a unique and warm atmosphere, specially prepared by us. Each one of our specially selected personnel is one of the best in their fields. Our aim is to enable you to get renewed and refreshed by making you forget the complexity of the city.

In Turkish bath, pores are opened and cleared by cleaning the skin of the dead peels by a silk sac on the massage platform. The skin is prepared for the cares to be applied later. In addition to sac, peeling process is carried out with Turkish Coffee and Coconut optionally. The skin is moisturised through the massage implemented on the skin with special oils after the Turkish bath. Therefore, you feel relaxed and renewed. You can indulge yourself by choosing the one you wish among our forty types of massage and skin cares, other than the classic massage.
You can rest both your body and your soıl by “aroma therapy massage” applied with special essential oils, nurture your skin by chocolate, honey and fruit massages, and regain your health by Ayurveda (Indian massage), hot stone therapy and reflexology massages.
You may have skin, hand and foot care in our beauty and skin care rooms that include professional German and French skin care brands.
Furthermore, you may benefit from our steam room and fitness centre.

Foam massage is a unique and mystical care applied for relaxing the muscles and removing the toxins after enabling skin pores to be opened, and the skin to breathe easily by removing the dead cells on the skin with a sac in traditional Turkish bath.

This is the massage most widely used in the world. It stands for a massage application which gathers all massage manipulations, technically has a wide spectrum, and has a deep impact on muscles.

This is a massage implemented both for relaxing the person and providing him/her with psychological comfort within a harmony having low intensity and tonus with aromatic essences applied on the whole body, without using stimulant manipulations on the person.

This is a relaxing massage which is implemented solely on the wide muscle group (backside of the leg, and back) to discharge the negative effect on the individual, and which does not use stimulant manipulations.

This is a cultural massage applied to make the meridians between visceral organs and neural points sensitive by affecting the neural points linked to visceral organs under the sole.

This is a massage which is implemented before, after and between sportive activities, and which regulates the circulation by hard and a little more unique manipulations.

This is a massage implemented through the selection of suitable manipulations by focusing on quite problematic areas to burn orange skin-shaped fat layers which are formed generally in women.

This is a massage carried out to take toxins and oedemas, which are formed in the body by the opening of lymph nodes, to the lymph nodes with the help of venous channels through low-density manipulations.

This is a local, relaxing massage implemented on a specific part of the body, mainly on the back.

A mystical massage implemented by two therapists with four hands on a body to make the individual relaxed through synchronisation with aromatic oils, without using deep stimulus and stimulants manipulations.

A holistic and mystical massage to make both soul and body relaxed through both stable practice or by manipulations made on specific parts of the body with hot and cold volcanic stones.

We can call it a modern jacuzzi. A cure affecting the individual’s body by constantly or locally providing air from soles, under the legs, sides of legs, back and arms.

In lexical meaning, (Ayur) stands for life while (Veda) stands for knowledge, thus it means life knowledge. Its purposes are to prolong lives, create perfect health and keep diseases and disorders away from the body. Another most important quality of Ayurveda is that it considers human, body and mind as a whole. And that it tries to keep all of its elements in harmony and balance.

This practice known as therapy with water is a method of therapy carried out in a jacuzzi setting by using the energizing quality of cold water, and body-relaxing quality of hot water.

This is a method of therapy carried through application of different body masks.

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